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Besides being one of the best countries to live in, Canada is an ideal destination for people looking to immigrate. In addition, one of the steps to follow is to process your permanent residence in Canada. Thanks to the immense support provided by Immigration Consultant in Mississauga and Brampton at Right Source Immigration, the process to your PR application becomes easier and hassle free.

This country offers quality of life, an impeccable educational system, an extensive job offer, fantastic landscapes and friendly people. Therefore, Canada is a perfect destination to live permanently. Therefore, we will tell you what you need to know about permanent residence in Canada.

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What rights do you have?

PR is a permit from the government to stay in Canada indefinitely, with almost the same rights and duties as a Canadian citizen. The immigration consultant will let you know your rights, and your duties towards Canada’s socio-economic culture. What does this mean? There is a difference between being a citizen to Canada and a PR holder. The exception is that you do not have the right to vote, you cannot run for public office, nor can you process your Canadian passport.

  • Like the citizens of Canada, you have the equal rights to social benefits
  • The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms solely protects you
  • Canada is now open to you to live, work, or study
  • You have the right to work in any province or territory
  • You have the right to move freely throughout the country
  • The path is now open to you to apply for Canadian citizenship
  • It is a legal requirement that you pay your fair share of taxes
  • To further your career and personal development, you must comply with all federal, provincial, and local regulations in Canada

You can live, study and work in Canada

As a PR, you can enroll in any educational program throughout Canada with the possibility of paying lower tuition costs. Besides, you have the freedom to get a job in any city without having to process more permits or visas.

You have access to the public health system

You have probably heard that Canada's public health system has a very good reputation, and it is due to one reason – its universal coverage: “FREE HEALTH.” To add to the good news, PR holders have access to this unique system. Is not it enough to convince you to move to Canada? Talk to an Immigration Consultant in Mississauga and start the process ASAP.

You can sponsor your relatives

If you have obtained permission and settle in Canada, you can bring your partner, spouse and dependent children to settle with you on Canadian soil under various programs. Make sure you select the best Immigration Services in Brampton to get the job done. It will be easier for them to advance all the procedures to get their visa and join your adventure of living in another country.

Are you interested? Talk to one of our experts at Right Source Immigration, the pioneer Immigration Services in Brampton. PR holders have access to pension funds, credits, old age insurance, social care, and employment insurance.

Which one is the right way?

In 2022-23, Canada anticipates welcoming 411,000 immigrants from all over the world. Immigrants make up 20.0% of Canada's population. The number of overseas students attending the Canadian schools and colleges annually is in the thousands. In Canada, healthcare provided by the government is excellent. There are few places on Earth as secure and tranquil as Canada.

PR permit can be attained through a variety of channels such as, EE, PNP, AIP, Entrepreneur visa, Refugees, Family sponsorship, Caregivers, Self-employed, etc. Hire the best Immigration Consultant in Mississauga and know which program is best for you. You may be eligible for more than one immigration program.